Home for the holidays

Our Christmas tree was the first thing we unpacked.

It’s official–we’re homeowners! My husband and I closed on our house on December 21 and started moving in that night. By December 23, all our stuff was out of the old rental. This is our sixth move together and in some ways it was the easiest because by now I know G’s routine. He hates clutter and being uncomfortable so he literally will not sleep until he passes out in the middle of packing boxes. I was prepared to lose my husband as a sane man for the next week. This time was hard because I came down with a bad head cold literally the day after we closed. Normally I would lay around the house until I felt better, but I had taken 2 weeks off work and I wanted to be able to relax for at least one of them. So that meant front loading the move to finish by Christmas. It majorly sucked, but we did it. Everyone told us to pace ourselves. But the last thing I wanted to do when I go back to work is to come home and pull a second shift unpacking. We did it, because the one thing I love about my relationship with my spouse is our ability to laser focus on a singular goal.

It was only this week that I’ve been waking up in the morning and feeling settled in. We’ve been in a frenzy of unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and various projects. We ran some errands, went by Marshall’s (where I bought half off Christmas decorations, two accent tables for the living room, a storage bench for our bedroom, and discounted bath & body products) and then back to the house. We binged this season of Vikings, Cloak and Dagger, and Runaways because, what the hell is a Bird Box? It’s been a good week, all in all.

Cozy vibes.

I’m spending the rest of my break being lazy as possible, and we rang in the New Year at the house with a glass of Martinelli’s finest sparkling apple cider. Why leave? I have to get $220,000 worth of enjoyment out of this place. LOL. I have a brand new stove and refrigerator and finally sprung for an automatic trashcan. It’s the little things that I enjoy. It’s rainy and cold today so I have the fireplace going for maximum cozy vibes. We aren’t fully furnished and there are still a few stray boxes, but finally we have a home of our own.

Dining room
Currently blogging here. My office is the last thing I need to unpack!
Upstairs den
My kitchen, with cabinets for everything and a magic trash can.
My kitchen nook is a work in progress.
Coffee bar
Living room
Bedroom with a view
My dream closet in the master bedroom

His & hers sinks and a gorgeous bathtub

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