Cast of Characters

Tex, is my husband, raised in the great state of Texas [insert hook ’em horns here]. How do I describe him? In a word, wonderful. But to you he’s probably either very serious or very silly.

Maya is my best girlfriend and former roommate. Like her namesake in Girlfriends, she’s got a LOT of attitude but a lot of heart too. We met freshman year of college, bonded over America’s Next Top Model and the rest is history!

Sunny is my other college BFF. I met her through Maya and liked her instantly–the second time I met her (I don’t like anyone who interrupts my naps). She’s always optimistic and her happy-go-lucky personality balances out my ruthless pragmatism.


Jaleesa is my law school bestie. If I need a workout partner, a concert buddy or just a laugh break, she’s my girl. Coincidentally, she’s the same age as my big sister and also like her, has kept me from more than one meltdown.

Maxine is another close friend from law school. We’re both hard working Capricorns who save our fun sides with a select few. She’s like that cool cousin who assures you it’s not you that’s crazy, it’s your parents (or the rest of the world. Same difference.).

Diana is a new friend I met in Houston. She’s Turkish, grew up in France, eats vegan and is a hardcore animal activist. In other words, my complete opposite on paper. But we’ve had a mutual girl crush since day one and she’s fast becoming one of my favorite people. The best part is our husbands get along so we can go on double dates!


Mr. and Mrs. Teenage Dream are a couple I got to know through Tex. They both have the kind of squeaky clean look that 90s pop bands are made of, although Seattle life has added a dash of granola flavor. They’re cute as a button, cotton candy sweet and crazy talented with an adorable kid. But rather than be jealous, you can’t help but like them because they’re so gosh darn nice.

Charles Marrero is Tex’s homeboy and former college roommate. Every other word out of his mouth is pure FOOLISHNESS, but he’s a fun guy and has actually become one of my good friends too.

Teddy McBright is one of our most loved college buddies who passed in 2015. Hands down, he was the coolest person I’ve ever known. He never met a stranger and he always had the right words, whether it was a Bible verse, a joke, or nothing at all. He is dearly missed.

Porsche is one of my associates from undergrad. She’s a bit high maintenance, but is always ready to help someone out. Aristocat is her boyfriend, who earned this title because he has an epic name and limitless ambition. (And I like the Disney movie.)

LS is my sorority sister, the deuce to my ace on our line of two. We’re on a happy birthday/Merry Christmas communication basis due to some fundamental difference in life philosophies, although I’m still hoping that will change one day.



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