Money Problems

I have a money problem.

Not in the traditional sense, though. I have some credit card debt but nothing that is making me eat ramen noodles or contemplate filing bankruptcy. I have student loan payments, but as long as I follow my monthly budget I can make them without sacrificing all the joy in my life. Really, what I have is a problem with thinking I won’t have enough money.

Granted, you can pick up any newspaper and read about the economic factors that are causing my generation to delay marriage, children, and home ownership. But as far as millenials go, I’m par for the course and on track to meet my financial goals–albeit not as soon as I want to.

I grew up in a household where money was tight. My parents did the best they could, and taught me from their mistakes. But being a natural worrywart, money was something I obsessed over. I hoarded my allowance and gift cards to buy brand name sneakers, and jeans on clearance from Aeropostale (yes, that brand was hot back in my day lol). In high school I decided to be a lawyer because I thought it was a profession that would allow me to help people without being broke.

Christians subscribe to the belief that God will keep testing you until you pass the test. I’ve come to the realization that money is mine. I’ve never been evicted, never missed a payment, never had a creditor call my phone. I’m not a superstar, but on balance, I’m good with money. I put aside a portion of my check each month into savings and retirement. Sure, I can’t spend $5,000 on a vacation tomorrow and I can’t buy all the things I want but that’s life. No matter how much money you have, you get used to it and there will be something you can’t afford.

In the meantime, I’m learning to sit in the discomfort of “but why can’t I have it” and practice gratitude for all the things I do have.

New Lang Syne


I really need to stop worrying so much.

It never fails. Just when I’ve hit rock bottom and gotten to my most anxious and finally decide that instead of making myself sick, I’ll just let God do His thing, something amazing happens. In this case, I got a second tutoring client and MY HUSBAND GOT A JOB! I’m excited but it also doesn’t seem real yet. I’m so glad for him though. Unlike me, he’s know since he was young what he wanted to do, and he’s passionate about only a handful of things. There are easily a dozen different things that I get excited about, so even though I’m underemployed I still have many other things to console me. Plus, since I haven’t yet taken the bar I know I can’t do what I want to do right this second. He had no such limitation, which I’m sure made it even harder that nobody would give him a chance. But he finally got it! I remember praying for the Lord’s favor over his interview (thanks to Joel Osteen’s sermon about being favor-minded). I always pray that he performs well in the interview, but I think I was praying for the wrong thing. God’s favor will cover you regardless of whether you make a mistake.

I’ve decided that I need to get serious about my total well being in 2014. I don’t want to call it a resolution because that’s too often associated with thought, not action. I’m making a firm commitment to myself to be as conscientious about my physical and spiritual health as I am about my emotional and mental health. I’m always trying to learn, absorbing new ideas and nurturing positive relationships. However, the other part of my life is out of whack. I’m not as fit as I could be, and God and I can be more like long lost childhood friends than BFFs. Only I can change that, though, and it starts from the inside. I’ve started a reading plan on my Bible app to get back into the Word, gotten a gym membership with Tex (we want to get fit together!), and will be dipping my toe into clean eating with a 21 day challenge. I’m excited, a little bit nervous, but I’m ready. 2014, hear I come!



My New Year’s Resolution

This year, I am recommitting to taking care of myself both physically and spiritually.  So, I want to kick off the first three months of the year with


  • Kick off the year with the Better Body Plan. The January issue  of Fitness Magazine has a very doable workout routine, which is 4 weeks of progressive toning (get the moves here) and cardio. Get the full plan here.  [complete by January 31]
  • Continue to work out at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. [ongoing]


  • Cook at home more and limit take out to less than 5 meals per week. (My sister got me the Pretty Delicious cookbook by Candice Kumai, it’s got some great recipes I can’t wait to test out!) [start in January]


  • Do at least one yoga session a week to get in touch with my body and relieve stress. [start in February]
  • Journal at least twice a week. Blogging is therapeutic, but some things I just don’t want to share with anyone else. And physically writing out my feelings can sometimes be more soothing. [start in February]
  • Give thanks daily, and pray. [ongoing]

My plan is to focus only on one or two of these goals at a time to keep myself from getting burned out. January I’m doing fitness and nutrition, trying to get those good habits locked in. February is when school starts to get real, so I will start concentrating on my yoga and journaling challenge. I’m going to update my progress in hopes that it wil lkeep me focused and accountable. Wish me luck!